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    Brill E-Books Benelux/Low Countries Studies

    Das vom FID Benelux / Low Countries Studies zusammengestellte E-Book-Paket umfasst 115 Titel.

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    Dutch and British Colonial Intervention in Sri Lanka, 1780-1815 9789047418993
    Dutch East India Company Merchants at the Court of Ayutthaya 9789047419860
    Silk for Silver 9789047421696
    The Archives of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and the Local Institutions in Batavia (Jakarta) 9789047421795
    The Dutch East India Company's Tea Trade with China, 1757-1781 9789047411833
    The Colonial 'Civilizing Process' in Dutch Formosa, 1624-1662 9789047442974
    Fort Cochin in Kerala, 1750-1830 9789004190252
    In the Shadow of the Company: The Dutch East India Company and its Servants in the Period of its Decline (1740-1796) 9789004235830
    Dutch Scholarship in the Age of Empire and Beyond 9789004260368
    Islam, Colonialism and the Modern Age in the Netherlands East Indies 9789004278707
    Bali in the Early Nineteenth Century 9789004315839
    Revisiting the Synod of Dordt (1618-1619) 9789004210509
    Le magasin de l'univers - The Dutch Republic as the Centre of the European Book Trade 9789004246805
    British Travellers in Holland during the Stuart Period 9789004246942
    Erasmus and the Middle Ages 9789004247598
    Ruusbroec 9789047420521
    Public Opinion and Changing Identities in the Early Modern Netherlands 9789047411604
    Montaigne and the Low Countries (1580-1700) 9789047419815
    Republicans 9789047431114
    Models of Charitable Care: Catholic Nuns and Children in their Care in Amsterdam, 1852-2002 9789047442707
    The Reach of the Republic of Letters: Literary and Learned Societies in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (2 vols.) 9789047442189
    Dutch Messengers: A History of Science Publishing, 1930-1980 9789047424154
    Going Dutch 9789047432227
    The Legend of St Brendan 9789047442806
    The Rise and Decline of Dutch Technological Leadership (2 vols) 9789047443322
    The Dutch Intersection 9789047442141
    Petrus van Mastricht (1630-1706) 9789047442905
    Humanism in an Age of Science 9789047430292
    Literacy in Everyday Life 9789047430841
    Myth in History, History in Myth 9789047440697
    Trading Places 9789047428879
    The Limbourg Brothers 9789047428572
    Servants of the Kingdom 9789004193505
    May 1940 9789004187276
    Inventing Luxembourg 9789004188815
    Networks, Regions and Nations 9789047444749
    The Dutch Trading Companies as Knowledge Networks 9789004193567
    The Navigator 9789004189331
    Netherlandish Books (NB) (2 Vols.) 9789004216600
    The Kaleidoscopic Scholarship of Hadrianus Junius (1511-1575) 9789004209206
    Negotiating Differences 9789004210639
    Reading the Book of Nature in the Dutch Golden Age, 1575-1715 9789004191204
    (Un)masking the Realities of Power 9789004191839
    Pamphlets and Politics in the Dutch Republic 9789004191983
    Dutch and Portuguese in Western Africa 9789004206908
    Small Powers in the Age of Total War, 1900-1940 9789004204331
    Graphic Satire and Religious Change 9789004215115
    Disputation by Decree 9789004188808
    Secularisation and the Leiden Circle 9789004209572
    Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 9789004214972
    Conventional Correspondence 9789004211070
    ‘News from the Republick of Letters’ 9789004228160
    Brothers in Arms, Partners in Trade 9789004215160
    Guarded Neutrality 9789004249066
    Een zwarte vrijstaat in Suriname (deel 2) 9789004255494
    Defending Neutrality 9789004252509
    Rape in the Republic, 1609-1725 9789004256668
    Publishing Policies and Family Strategies 9789004257955
    Coordination in Transition 9789004272583
    Pedlars and the Popular Press 9789004252851
    Belgium's Dilemma 9789004269736
    From Ghent to Aix 9789004276840
    Jesuit Books in the Dutch Republic and its Generality Lands 1567-1773 9789004272057
    Dutch Typography in the Sixteenth Century 9789004256552
    The Twelve Years Truce (1609) 9789004274921
    Not Dead Things 9789004253063
    Geweld in de West 9789004257184
    Europe within Reach 9789004293335
    Hugo Grotius 9789004281790
    Memory Wars in the Low Countries, 1566-1700 9789004300491
    White Lies and Black Markets 9789004283350
    Small Countries in a Big Power World: The Belgian-Dutch Conflict at Versailles, 1919 9789004331563
    St. Jacob’s Antwerp Art and Counter Reformation in Rubens’s Parish Church 9789004311886
    Exile Memories and the Dutch Revolt 9789004315914
    Women and Crime in Early Modern Holland 9789004314122
    Rosa Manus (1881-1942) 9789004333185
    Dutch and Flemish Newspapers of the Seventeenth Century (2 Vols.) 9789004341890
    Mytho-poetics at Work 9789004345850
    Public Finance of the Dutch Republic in Comparative Perspective 9789004341289
    The Religious Cultures of Dutch Jewry 9789004343160
    Hugo Grotius Mare Liberum 1609-2009 9789047430452
    The Voice of the Law in Transition 9789004253964
    Lachen, huilen, bevrijden 9789004249127
    The Stranger-Kings of Sikka 9789004253773
    Dutch Colonialism, Migration and Cultural Heritage 9789004253889
    Verguisd en vergeten (3 vols.) 9789004254039
    The Spell of Power 9789004253759
    The Sumatra Railroad 9789004253711
    Een zwarte vrijstaat in Suriname 9789004253667
    Bridges to New Business 9789004253971
    Catholics in Indonesia, 1808-1942 9789004254022
    Linking Destinies 9789004253995
    The Politics of Redress 9789004253735
    Nationalists, Soldiers and Separatists 9789004253957
    Mapping the Acehnese Past 9789004253599
    Images of the Tropics 9789004253605
    Een leven in de West 9789004253797
    Creole Jews 9789004253704
    Het geheim van Paleis Kneuterdijk 9789004253933
    The Genitive Case in Dutch and German 9789004183285
    The Dutch Language in Britain (1550-1702) 9789004285217
    Neue Sachlichkeit and Avant-Garde 9789401209090
    Dutch Racism 9789401210096
    The Dutch Legacy: Radical Thinkers of the 17th Century and the Enlightenment 9789004332089
    Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2001 9789004334038
    Cultures of Child Health in Britain and the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century 9789004333567
    Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2002 9789004334441
    Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2000 9789004333901
    Sources for the Mutual History of Ghana and the Netherlands 9789047421894
    War, Capital, and the Dutch State (1588-1795) 9789004302518
    The Dutch and German Communist Left (1900–68) 9789004325937
    The Banishment of Beverland 9789004396326
    From Bayle to the Batavian Revolution 9789004383593
    The Chinese Annals of Batavia, the Kai Ba Lidai Shiji and Other Stories (1610-1795) 9789004356702
    Early Modern Media and the News in Europe 9789004379329